2022 - The start edition

IFOSS is confirmed and it’s about to start!
For the 1st edition about 50 partecipants have been selected.
Stay tuned!

Program at a Glance here

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The school took place at Sampieri, Sicily (School location: https://www.hotelbaiasamuele.it/en/ ) from July 17th to 23th 2022. The first edition of IFOSS aimed to provide both an objective and clear overview and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art research as well as the professional best practices in Forensics and related fields. The courses were delivered by world renowned experts, from either academia, law enforces and industry covering both theoretical and practical aspects of real Forensics problems. The school aimed to provide a stimulating opportunity for professionals and young researchers, as well as Ph.D. students. The participants benefitted from direct interaction and discussions with world leaders in their specific fields.

The theme of the summer school was focused on three main fields:

  • Digital Forensics
  • Law
  • Biometry


Program 2022

This conference took place from 17 to 23 July 2022
Day 1
18 Jul 2022
Day 2
19 Jul 2022
Day 3
20 Jul 2022
Day 4
21 Jul 2022
Day 5
22 Jul 2022

Forensic deepfake detection, digital forensics and new developments

Deepfake videos are seen more often in practice, and might also appear in the court room. Several questions can be asked, who made the deepfake ? Is the video a...
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Prof. Zeno Geradts

Forensic Process: definitions, casework, R&D, education, quality assurance

The lecture  will focus on general criminalistics, providing the necessary definitions and then presenting the different steps of the forensic process (crime scene, analysis, interpretation and reporting) and the underlying...
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Facial recognition, discrimination and law – Biometrics regulation in the UE proposal of regulation of AI, and deepfake regulation proposals in US and China

The issues of discrimination and false are very important topics for jurists when related to facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and deep fakes. The risk of such technologies being used to...
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Forensic deepfake detection, digital forensics and new developments

In this part we look into digital evidence as a service at the Netherlands Forensic Institute, in the Hansken framework. We will dive deeper on the possibilities of using Artificial...
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Prof. Zeno Geradts

Forensic biometrics: the use of biometric data and databases in forensic applications

Forensic biometrics has primarily been developed to address requests of the criminal justice systems in relation with the inference of identity of source. Questions about the source of biometric traces...
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Fingerprint recognition: state-of-the-art and new directions

After a brief introduction on the overall architecture of a fingerprint recognition system, this lecture presents the classical fingerprint feature extraction and matching steps: segmentation of the ridge-line pattern from...
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Prof. Davide Maltoni

Forensics Exhibitions: Demo and Workshops

An informal session has been scheduled to allow to students, lecturers, and companies to present the latest results, products and researches

Double-identity biometrics

The feasibility of creating double-identity biometrics (faces, fingerprints and iris) poses serious security threats in security applications such as automated border control where biometrics are used to link the identity...
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Prof. Davide Maltoni


In this session some practical issues and hints about available engines for deefakes generation will be presented. Also some details about current detector and solutions implemented in Catania Lab will...
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Oliver Giudice
Luca Guarnera

Gala Dinner

Bus Departure at 18.00. The dinner will start at 19.00. https://www.gliaromi.it/

Digital forensics recent case law in Italy and abroad

Digital forensics has seen a steady, and very interesting, regulatory evolution over the past two decades. Alongside traditional topics of debate, such as the repeatability or unrepeatability of the acquisition...
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2022 edition speakers


iGV Club Hotel Baia Samuele
Punta Sampieri 97018 Scicli , Ragusa, Italia.
+39 0957383018info@ifoss.it